Reduce Heating Costs in Hotels and Restaurants with Coolwex Water Heating Systems

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A considerable proportion of a monthly budget for hotels and restaurants are taken up by energy bills. Heating and cooling contributes to costs that a small business owner endures on a monthly basis. If the heating systems are not set right or fail the costs will continue to rise. The maintenance and repair charges are enough to put a dent into the finances of any small business. Then, there is the option of replacing the heating system which does not come cheap either. However investing in a new system that considerably cuts down your energy bills may be a good solution to solve your problems.

Water heating system for hotel and restaurant

What type of heating system can help reduce heating bills?

A small business like a hotel with restaurant will usually accumulate excessive energy bills that diminish profits significantly. When a hotel or restaurant owner installs a Coolwex system, it could potentially save costs on energy bills and reduce heating costs by up to 75 percent. As a result, more money is saved to decreased operating costs associated with energy bills, enabling hotel and restaurant owners to re-invest in the business and for other activities.

What is a Coolwex heating system?

Coolwex heating systems are central heating solutions that can be installed in new or existing buildings for maximum energy savings. The system is compact and perfect for spatially confined buildings, retail outlets and condos among other adaptations of existing energy systems and in newly constructed or renovated spaces. The inverter system with its aesthetic internal unit can also be installed in the internal quarters of a building.

Water heating systems for hotels and restaurants

The visually appealing Coolwex unit can be directly installed in the restaurants and living quarters of the hotel rooms. The innovative design of the system can blend in with common room amenities. The Coolwex air to water heat pump is not a unit that is confined to the boiler rooms or a cellar. The system does not take up much space which is huge advantage for retail outlets where every extra square foot of space is needed. Such heating solutions is matched by few other products that are available on the market today.                     

The costs associated with a Coolwex system

The system is virtually maintenance free in the duration of its use. The systems all contain a 2 year parts warranty to give piece of mind for hotel and business owners. The Coolwex heating systems are designed to give payback after 3 years. Coolwex systems offer the possibility to connect different heating methods such as oil, wood, gas and solar heating devices. In turn the system can easily connect to your central heating.

How can I get more information?

Contact your local Coolwex agent today to receive a free catalogue or to request a free savings review.

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